Help in choosing a cannabis variety

A wide variety of hemp seed varieties and missouri medical card will satisfy any grower’s desire, and always provide an opportunity to grow something new. But it is hard to choose the right strain. So you have to spend a lot of time looking for suitable strains, and comparing their characteristics.

So we’ve decided to help growers out and have chosen a few strains from the main criteria that influence the selection of a variety:

Type of cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis;
Cultivation environment: Outdoors, indoors;
Climatic conditions of the outdoors;
Indore cultivation conditions;
Yield and quality of finished product;
Grover’s experience.
Selection of hemp seeds depending on growing conditions and grower experience
The phenotype of a cannabis variety directly depends on the percentage of sativa, indica and rudelaris genes in the structure of the gene code. The predominance of certain genes endows some plants with strong immunity or tolerance to environmental conditions, others with yield or killing power. The multitude of different phenotypes makes it possible to select cannabis seeds exclusively for certain growing conditions and grower experience, beginner growers should pay attention to the article: cannabis varieties for beginners.

Short Summer Hemp Varieties
Growing cannabis seeds can take place under different climatic conditions, which depend on the geographical location of the area. For places with short summers and with cold spells as early as October, it pays to choose indica varieties. Indica is more tolerant of temperature fluctuations and needs less time to bloom. Suitable for such outdoor conditions would be.

Fast Bud Auto marijuana seeds.

Cannabis varieties for long summers
If the summer is long and cold weather doesn’t arrive until November, a grower can safely choose cannabis varieties with dominant sativa genes. Sativa is less resistant and takes longer to bloom, but still delivers an impressive yield and an invigorating effect:

Lennon fem hemp seeds.

Growing on a windowsill
You can even grow it on a windowsill at home. You can do this with a very low-growing autoflowering variety whose only negative side effect is a very low yield:

Automaria 2 fem cannabis seeds;

Marijuana seeds B. Lee Auto fem.

Grow box seed
As a rule, when building a grow box, growers skimp on its technical equipment. They install a weak ventilation and do not use a charcoal filter. This will lead to a high humidity in the box, which will lead to mold, and the aroma of cannabis will float around the room. So count on a low scent and easy to handle variety.

Think Different

Autoflower with an exhilarating effect
The most searched for on search engines is “autoflowering cannabis with a cheerful effect”. These seeds have the advantage of being easy to care for and have an uplifting effect:

Girl scout cannabis seeds cookies.

Low-hanging and high-yielding cannabis varieties
It’s hard to believe, but non-tall plants can also produce bountiful bud harvests. SCROG, SOG and LST cultivation methods are used for this purpose. Well suited to these methods:

Fresh Candy fem cannabis variety;

For the greedy
High yielding strains require a lot of care and attention. They need lots of space, plenty of nutrition and extra branch support. Only then will they be able to reach their full commercial potential.

The Tank fem.

Dangerous varieties
These varieties are only suitable for the most experienced growers. With a THC content of up to 27%, they are a real knockout punch. But only proper care can help them reach their killing potential.