Fifty-day cannabis varieties

In this selection you will find our popular autoflowering strains with record flowering times. These extremely fast hybrids exceed all expectations because after a short growing season of about 3 weeks, it takes them just 50 days to produce a quality crop of scented buds. These plants are easy to care for and are in great demand among novice gardeners. It is also the most suitable option for outdoorsmen living in a temperate climate zone with short summers.

Auto Tutankhamon fem is a sweet and aromatic cannabis strain from Pyramid Seeds with a 17% THC content and the winner of the Spanish Spannabis Cup 2011. It has an excellent growth dynamics, allowing it to reach a respectable weight in a short amount of time (over 50 grams per plant). This is a very compact variety, only 50-100 cm, so it even fits into a small grow box, making it well suited for stealth growing. Outdoors will also not attract unnecessary attention and will adapt to a wide variety of conditions without problems. The multi-layered effect combines a satiative burst of euphoria into a soothing smooth stone.

Auto White Widow is a very successful variation of Pyramid Seeds’ legendary White Widow. This strain has become a real classic among growers due to its incredible survivability, good yields and great effect. So suitable for any growing conditions, whether you want to grow in a grow box, outdoors or on a windowsill. From seed to harvest in just 10 weeks, you can enjoy the beautiful woody-citrus aroma and spicy taste of sticky and very fragrant buds, abundantly covered in resin. The THC content of the finished product is about 16%, which makes the effect very balanced and social.

Sweet Seeds Speed Auto fem is an incredibly fast and productive automatic from Sweet Seeds, ripening in just 49 days. A dream for impatient growers and beginners alike, who want to get the most out of their cannabis with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time. Thanks to the predominance of Sativa genes, it has a very invigorating, uplifting effect, increases creativity and sociability. Speed Auto does not exceed 90 cm in size, but is very densely covered with inflorescences, resulting in a good yield of 500 grams/m2 in the indora and up to 150 grams per plant in the out. The aroma is unforgettable and intense, with notes of cheese and dried fruit.

Critical Neville Haze Auto is a very high THC (over 20%) representative of Delicious Seeds. This strain has all the best qualities in it. It is easy to grow in both indoors and outdoors. Yields are very high – 400 grams per plant in Out, 600 grams per m2 in Indo. Compactness is successfully combined with the density of buds and an abundance of resin. And all this in 45 days from seed to harvest. What more could a grower want? Of course, an astonishing effect that lifts you above the ground, bringing boundless happiness and filling the body with energy.

Sugar Black Rose Auto is another extremely fast and bushy autoflower from Spanish cidbanks Delicious Seeds. This is a very branched hybrid that produces a very large number of inflorescences with a pleasant sweet fruity scent. Good for any type of growing conditions, but a grow box will need to provide enough space for a comfortable and spacious plant. Sugar Black Rose Auto has a captivating spicy aroma with hints of orange and grape, and the effect, thanks to its Indica dominance, is very good for relaxing the body and calming the mind.